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Non-UWRF Students

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Thank you for your interest in education abroad at UWRF.  Click here to see a listing of programs available to non-UWRF students.

To participate in a program through UWRF, you must enroll as special/temporary student at UWRF for the length of your term or program abroad. Even though you are attending a program at UWRF, you would still apply for financial aid through your home institution. Arrangements can be made for your home university to release financial aid for payment to UWRF. When you return from your experience abroad you will be responsible for requesting a transcript from UWRF to transfer your course(s) back to your home institution. Further information about participating in a program as a non-UWRF student, and the specific processes mentioned above, is provided within your online application.

Alumni and community members are required to enroll as special/temporary students and pay fees as established for UWRF student participants, whether the program is credit-bearing or not.