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Transferring Credit

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UWRF's Office of International Education provides a variety of education abroad opportunities for our students; some programs are coordinated by the university and some are exchange programs with foreign institutions. Students will receive normal UWRF credits for the programs UWRF fully coordinates (such as Experience Scotland, International Traveling Classroom, Semester Abroad: Europe, and most of the faculty-led short-term programs). Additionally, grades earned on these UWRF programs will be figured into a student's cumulative GPA. For programs where credit must be transferred back to UWRF from other institutions (foreign or domestic), different procedures apply.

As a general rule, UWRF demonstrates its support of international study through its recognition of credit for courses completed abroad on approved exchange programs. However, in certain disciplines which are constrained by accreditation or certification requirements (such as business administration or teacher training), the transfer of credit and the acceptance of equivalent coursework may be impeded. Plan to work with the Office of International Education, your academic advisor, and your major/minor department to determine which classes can/should be taken abroad to transfer back to UWRF from exchange partner institutions.

Grades for transfer courses earned abroad will not be figured into a student's cumulative GPA;  however, the number of credits earned will appear on the student's transcript.

When studying at a foreign institution for an exchange, students must remember to request an official transcript (and an English translation, if applicable) be sent to UWRF before leaving their host institution. Please be aware that the partner institution may not issue official transcripts for weeks or months following completion of the program. Have an official transcript sent to the following address:
UW-River Falls
Registrar's Office
410 S. 3rd Street
River Falls, WI 54022-5001

Note to UWRF Students Studying on Programs Outside of UWRF-Affilated Education Abroad Programs and Exchanges: Please see the Non-Affiliated Programs Abroad section for more information on the process for transferring unapproved program credits back to UWRF.

Note to Non-UWRF Students: You should meet with your advisor or education abroad office on your home campus to determine the procedures for transferring credit from UWRF.