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Non-UWRF Programs Abroad

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Occasionally students identify a program of interest that is run through another college/university, or independent organization. If you are considering a program outside of UWRF’s programs, you will need to take additional steps regarding your status as a UWRF student and be responsible for all aspects of the program application, confirmation, and payment process. The availability of financial aid and the transfer of credits may also vary with a non-UWRF program.

If you pursue an education abroad experience outside of UWRF’s offerings, the UWRF Office of International Education will assist with:

  • Confirming that study abroad is allowed for the time period you are considering. In the case of travel advisories, including world health or safety concerns, study abroad and international travel may be suspended and students cannot remain in status at UWRF or receive financial aid or loans to study abroad.
  • Confirming your eligibility to study abroad as a UWRF student.
  • Enrolling you in placeholder credits through the UWRF Registrar’s Office during your time abroad so you remain in active status as a UWRF student.
  • Enrolling you in CISI insurance, as required by UW System, for the duration of your formal study abroad experience.
  • Enrolling you in the U.S. State Department’s STEP program to receive relevant travel advisories during your time abroad. 
  • Ensuring your completion of all UW-System requirements for study abroad.
  • Providing general pre-departure orientation guidance (does not include program-specific information).
  • Provide general travel information (not program-specific).

Because UWRF does not have oversight of programs outside of those we directly offer, we are not responsible for the quality, safety, academic rigor, or academic credit of these programs. As such, you will be responsible for the following considerations:


  • Consult with your academic advisor to discuss general academic considerations and the possible applicability of the courses you take abroad towards your academic program. Keep in mind that academic advisors do not make the final decision on whether a program is credit worthy.
  • Many times, credits taken abroad are issued on a transcript from a U.S. institution. In these cases, credit is awarded for college-level course work completed at institutions accredited by a regional accrediting body through the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). If the institution is not accredited, additional review by the Dean of your College is required. Credit is applied to your UWRF transcript following an internal evaluation by the UWRF Registrar’s Office when an official transcript from your program is received. Courses must be similar in nature, level, and content to a course in our undergraduate curriculum and applicable to one of our academic programs; this includes courses that are technical or vocational in nature. Continuing education courses, graduate-level courses, and courses that are remedial or doctrinal in nature are not transferable.
  • Credits issued on a transcript from a non-U.S./International institution will need to be evaluated by a third-party transcript evaluation service to provide UWRF with an English translation of courses, credits and grading systems as they appear on the foreign transcript, as well as to verify the foreign institution’s accreditation. It is your responsibility to request this service and pay any fees associated with the third-party evaluation service. The following evaluation services are approved by UWRF:

o Educational Credential Evaluators:
o World Education Services, Inc.:
o American Education Research Corporation, Inc.:
o International Educational Research Foundation:
o AACRAO International Education Services (IES):

  • Once your accepted transfer credits and grades are recorded on your UWRF record, Faculty Advisors, Department Chairs and Academic Deans can work with you to help best apply these credits toward your UWRF degree.
  • Transfer grades will not be used in calculating your cumulative GPA, however, grades will be calculated in the major GPA if transfer credits are awarded to meet major requirements. The application of transfer credits and the calculation of cumulative and major GPAs can affect eligibility for academic honors and awards.
  • Consult with the UWRF Financial Aid Office to understand the impact of your study abroad experience on financial aid and other funding. Be aware that UWRF scholarships may not be available for non-UWRF programs abroad.
  • You are responsible for all administrative and financial processes, payments, and financial commitments related to a non-UWRF program abroad. This includes payment of fees to both UWRF and your non-UWRF program abroad. Ensure you understand deposit timelines, the full scope of what is included in your program fee, and your program’s refund policy.