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Your student is about to embark on an exciting experience abroad/away. For families and students alike this new chapter can be as daunting and unknown as it is thrilling. Developing a sense of independence, responsibility and flexibility are all outcomes of the education abroad experience. We encourage students to begin developing these skills before they even step foot on a plane by taking responsibility for the bulk of their education abroad experience including, but not limited to, fully completing their application, attending mandatory orientation sessions, and making the arrangements necessary for a successful off-campus experience. We encourage you to also support your student in this manner, but understand that you will have many of your own questions about the experience. This page is designed to connect you with resources about your student's experience abroad, what to expect, and how to best support your student throughout their experience.

We also encourage you to explore the rest of the Office of International Education website to more fully understand our office, the education abroad process, and the services we provide. Please feel free to contact any member of our staff should you have concerns or would like more information.

Insurance coverage is mandated for all UWRF students. Details of the policy and procedure are available here.


Enhance an Academic Experience: Studying abroad allows students to make the most of their college education. Students can take classes they aren't able to take at UWRF, develop life skills beyond what's taught in the classroom, experience an international internship, or study topics from a different perspective.

Enhances Employment Opportunities: Studying abroad gives your student an edge over the competition as many employers look for employees who can successfully navigate cross-cultural encounters. Also, second language skills are seen as an asset or a requirement in future employees.

Learn a Language: What better way for your student to brush up or perfect their foreign language skills than by immersing themselves in a different culture? Second language skills are a valuable asset both in the real world and in the work place. 

See the World - Why have your student read about it online when they can experience the world in person? Students can explore their heritage, visit historic sites, try exotic foods, swim in an ocean on the other side of the world...they'll never forget the amazing experiences they have while abroad.

Experience a Different Culture:  Studying abroad expands your student's worldview because they're able to have first-hand experience in a culture that's different from their own. Your student will be able to fight stereotypes - both the stereotypes other cultures have of the U.S. and the stereotypes they might have of other cultures - and become a more well-rounded Global Citizen.

Develop Skills Beyond the Classroom: Leadership. Independence. Empathy. Tolerance for the unknown. Studying abroad gives your student the opportunity to develop these skills to a level far beyond what would be possible in a regular classroom setting. 

Make Friends: Your student will make a connection with the people they study abroad with and the people they meet overseas because they've shared a once-in-a-lifetime experience with them. 

Learn About Themselves: It's funny how it happens, but while your student is so busy experiencing another culture and way of life they'll make all sorts of discoveries about themselves. They will develop self-awareness, self-sufficiency, and self-confidence while they study abroad.

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